G. Patrick Howell grew up in a small town just outside a major Metropolitan area in the Southeast United States. He was raised in an often chaotic environment, where both his parents were married five times before Patrick turned 18. After failing out of a local community college, Patrick became focused on a career in law enforcement.  Working full-time to pay his way, Patrick attended a prestigious university to study Criminal Justice where he graduated with honors four years later.

Patrick served as a Special Agent for one of the most respected law enforcement agencies in the country.  During his thirteen year career, Patrick was involved in the investigation and apprehension of drug traffickers from the United States to South America and Mexico. His expertise as an undercover agent earned him the highest respect and recognition from his peers in the law enforcement community.  In the midst of living double lives, Patrick made a catastrophic choice that ended his career.

In an attempt to rebuild his life, Patrick achieved huge financial success in the corporate world but became even more spiritually and emotionally bankrupt. Spending the first half of his life chasing what he thought was success, what he thought would make him happy but left him empty, Patrick began to pursue his spirituality and his passions. After transforming his own broken life into one of true fulfillment, Patrick’s mission is to help others truly live and excel.

A book and movie of Patrick’s story is under way, using the working title, STRIPPED: The True Story of a Top Undercover Agent’s Rise and Fall.

Patrick Howell has developed the exciting keynote series, Undercover No More, where he allows his audience to step into the dangerous, undercover world he lived in and examine the impostors in their own lives.

Patrick loves a great police movie and his favorite television series is ironically namedThe Walking Dead.